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A Review of TaxWise Tax Software provides a detailed review of TaxWise tax software.  For a comparison of TaxWise tax software reviews against other top software for 2019, visit[…]

A Review of Drake Professional Tax Software aims to provide tax professionals with a thorough Drake Tax Software review.  For a comparison of Drake software reviews against other software, or to download a Drake Tax Software demo, visit[…]

CrossLink Professional Tax Software Reviews and Ratings
For CrossLink Professional Tax Software reviews and reliable feature-ranked ratings of other software and bank products visit us at[…]

How Healthy is Your Tax Office?
The health of your tax office is ultimately and quite obviously your ability to maintain and grow your client-base. As a tax professional, you know the importance of constantly building a strong book of business by providing the best possible services and solutions to your clients.[…]

Compare Professional Tax Software Before Tax Season Begins!
As a tax professional, you know the importance of constantly building a strong book of business by providing the best possible services and solutions to your clients. Going through tax season with the professional tax software that supports your services while offering the right solutions can make all the difference in that aspect.[…]

  • Top 5 Things Tax Preparers Do After Tax Day

    The last day of school, your birthday and Halloween have nothing on the day after Tax Day to a tax preparer. A lot of people imagine that a list of the top 5 things tax preparers do after tax day might look something like this: Top 5 Things Tax Preparers Would LIKE to Do After […]

  • IRS Penalty Waiver Expanded

    The IRS announced they are expanding penalty relief to taxpayers whose 2018 federal income tax withholding and estimated tax payments fell short of their total tax liability for the year. The IRS is also lowering to 80 percent the threshold required to qualify for this relief. Under the relief originally announced Jan. 16th, the threshold […]

  • 5 Myths about Tax Refunds (and How to Check on the Status Tax Refunds)

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently put out a news release dispelling 5 myths about tax refunds (and how to check on the status of tax refunds). Thanks to a new tax refund tracking tool that the IRS has developed, you can now check the status of your refund online or through their mobile app. […]

  • 5 Reasons Tax Preparation is a Great Career for Service Members and Military Spouses

    Finding a career path can be hard if you or your spouse is in the military. You never know when your schedule is going to change or when you’re going to have to relocate. When both your schedule and location is at the whim of someone else, your options can be limited. In our 30+ […]

  • Managing Clients and Client Expectations During a Busy Tax Season

    Having one procrastinating client is bad enough. More likely, you have at least a dozen really bad procrastinators. But when 80% or more of your clients turn in their shoe boxes of receipts to you on April 1 – or later – you’re going to have problems. Because procrastinating clients can actually cost you money. […]

  • Top Tax Scams this Tax Season

    The IRS just completed its compilation of this year’s “Dirty Dozen Tax Scams” – a list they put out each year that contains the worst of the worst. Tax scams are still a big problem despite the extra precautions the IRS has implemented within the last couple of years. While it has improved, there are […]

  • Are Online Reviews Hurting Your Business?

    How many stars does your company business page have on Facebook? How about your local BBB page? Online reviews are everywhere and believe it or not, they are worth looking into. Did you know that 91 percent of people regularly or occasionally read online reviews, and 84 percent trust online reviews as much as a […]

  • 5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated Through the Busy Tax Season

    If one of the reasons you decided to open (or are thinking about opening) your own tax preparation business is because you’ve had miserable experiences working for others, ask yourself this very important question: What are you doing not to repeat those same mistakes with your employees?  Especially during tax season. What are the top […]

  • Tax Season Communications Throughout the Season

    When it comes to marketing your tax business, the same messaging all year long is not going to cut it. As you progress throughout the season, your message needs to appeal to different types of taxpayers. Here’s a peek at what we do over at our sister company, Peoples Tax, and what we recommend for […]

  • Are You Leveraging LinkedIn As a Tax Pro?

    LinkedIn is a powerful social networking channel designed for business professionals to share knowledge, connect, and build their network. It’s a great tool for tax professional for a number of reasons, but only if you’re using it to its full potential! We haven’t blogged about LinkedIn in a while so we thought since we are […]

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